Fauquierians saving energy in July?
1997-2004: KPMG Peat Marwick (USA) best practices adapted for businesses, local governments and non-profits
2004-2012: Energy conservation projects with SiteWhirks - IntraGroups, ThWars, and Energized-Fauquier
2013 / 14: Energized Research-Learning Institute (er-li) goes live in Piedmont Region, Virginia, USA
2015: Brighter Communities Corp 501c(3) for (International) Non-Profits (UK) and end-of-life care
2015 / 16: International Hospice - Best / Better Practices in Client Operations
2017 March - August: Research / Analyze Middle School Excellence
2017 Campaign: Give Local Piedmont (GLP)

300+ Fauquier volunteers ...

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"Brighter Communities"  are smarter

Save kWh / $$$ in ANY existing building

In 2004 we started out as Better Practices LLC. We served Chambers of Commerce with new communications technology via www.IntraGroups.com

2007: Began www.ThWars.com reducing energy usage / building Note: More than one person in a room often results in arguments over temperature control.

2010: Formed www.Energized-Fauquier.com Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy Technologies Case Studies / Projects to increase local energy awareness.

2013: Founded Energized Research - Learning Institute at www.ER-LI.com and held events (links above) honoring leading edge entities "making a real difference" with "best eco-practices" and recognizing the "Fauquier Top Eco-45"

2014: We started Brighter Communities Corporation - a non-profit entity to deliver additional eco-educational capabilities in Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy Technologies via new website due fall 2017 


Eco-Training = Rapid Results

Brighter Communities are Islands of Light

Shining Beacons, Worthy of your support


ECO-Reviews save 5-95% annual kWh / $

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Links to local "Brighter Communities"