Fauquierians saving energy in July?
Helping Fauquier tax payers save more $ in energy bills

2020: Phased release of ES.T in Virginia, Mid-Atlantic, Arizona, Florida, Seattle, Ontario, UK
2019: Energy Saving Technologies with SiteWhirks / Implemented in 4 local entities
2018: FCPS Net Energy Savings of $23,248 June-August with ROI 4.6:1 (75 days)
2017: VAEEC Energy Richmond Virginia - 3 awards to one entity (unique)
2016: Personal matters led to working with US Hospices (UK 2015)
2014: Hosted, sponsored and organized FCPS Energy EXPO

History - Brighter-Communities

12 Eco-Case Studies Saved Taxpayers $7M in 10 years

A true team effort by all involved (300+ volunteers)

www.ER-LI.com (Energized Research-Learning Institute)

www.Energized-Fauquier.com (auto scroll storyboard #3)

www.ThWars.com (auto scroll storyboard #2)

www.IntraGroups.com (auto scroll storyboard #1)


Historical record of “best practices” led to Brighter Communities 501 c(3)

In Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) we accumulated in excess of 2200 (free as of 2014) hours of community service with the last initiative of 450 hours in 90 days co-organizing and delivering the Fauquier HS Science / Sustainable Energy and Art Expo (S/SEA) on May 10, 2014 

2008-2012: Advocated energy conservation / renewable energy technology in our public schools after we found that energy related programs did not exist – Democrat 1/23/09 article by Alice Felts. Note: Management Energy policy deployed in FY2012.

2013: Hosted / sponsored events at Poplar Springs (c: 2002 geothermal hotel) and Vint Hill Craft Winery (geothermal / recycled WWII barn in 2007) recognizing 25 individuals and businesses that promoted / implemented sustainable “better / best” practices in Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy Technologies

2014: Captured the retrofit to geothermal energy with Old Bust Head Brewery (OBH) at Vint Hill where the HVAC cost was reduced from $450,000 to about $400,000 with Green Hill Mechanical (opened 2014)

Participated in the Fauquier County Conservation Roundtable founded by Bob Lee in 2004 and hosted by Paul McCulla, County Administrator: Positive energy-based “case studies” include residence (1995-2014), churches (2008), TOW ** (2009/10), Vint Hill EDA * (12 months part-time 2010/11), Fauquier County Government* (500 hours from 2009-2011), Windy Hill Foundation (450 hours 2012/13), Chestnut Forks (2012 to present), MWP Supply* (2013/14) *Compensation to IntraGroups

Results: Fauquier Tax Payer $/ kWh saved since 2008...

  1. $1.92M direct + $5.9M indirect energy savings in 20 public schools (10 years)
  2. $220K energy savings by local government in 32 buildings (3 years)
  3. $20K / year energy savings by EDA in pre WWII buildings / fiscal year
  4. $3,497 energy savings by sports complex in winter (< 90 days)
  5. Workforce townhomes case study: All electric costs < $2 / day for 18 months
  6. Residential case study: Energy savings of 33-82% literally overnight
  7. Commercial case study: Supply, warehouse and distribution center (15% energy savings)
  8. Off grid / Net Zero homes (you want 95% cost reduction, NOT 100%)