Fauquierians saving energy in July?
Rainforest Trust, Airlie Farm, Remote Area Medical, Brighter Communities

Case Studies: Amazing Results!

1 of 7: Virginia Energy Efficiency Leadership Awards

Brighter Communities Corporation 501 c(3)  - BCC was recognized by the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council (VAEEC) for 3 awards (1st to receive more than 1 / year) in Richmond for it's work in 3 areas (3 of 12 case studies)

  • Fauquier Commerical Entities for Conservation / Renewable Energy Technologies - Featured in these columns / banner (mouseover / click images) 2007 to present - Visit and ask about their sustainable projects
  • Windy Hill Foundation in The Plains for Earth Craft certified Low-Income housing, impact of unit occupancy on utility costs (best was < $50 / month in winter 2 story all electric townhomes, 3 residents) - 18 month case study
  • Fauquier County Government for saving $220,617 in utility bills with NO equipment changes in 3 years - 36 month case study

www.VAeec.org/awards - BCC founder Michael in group photo, front  row center. Sadly, applications for Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) did NOT place - Beaten by Prince William, Fairfax, and a private school's smarter efforts  FCPS needs to do better for our students / teachers moving forward (2017+)

2) Radical New Energy Processes / Metrics / Technology

Guarenteed to save more kWh / $$$ ($7.5M+ since 2009)

Details to be announced February 1st, 2018

3) "Founder" benefits from 2013 to present

Formation of the Energized Research - Learning Institute (www.ER-LI.com) led to 3 events* in Fauquier where 45 awards were presented by BCC for Sustainable Best Practices, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Technology Projects to businesses, schools, non-profits and individuals.

*2013-2014 Events: Poplar Springs, Vint Hill Craft Winery, FCPS S/SEAS EXPO at Fauquier HS. Latter to highlight solar tubes, water conservation, white roofs, geothermal (largest install in Fauquier County), windows that open (spring / fall turn-off HVAC), topography (east-west), natural lighting ... Still more to do FCPS!

Granted awards www.ConserveFauquier.com/45Awards by BCC

Winners have been featured at these 2 webistes resulting in publicity, promotion and knowledgeable clients who appreciated their (sustainable) extra efforts.

For example, Old Bust Head Brewery spent $400K on their geothermal retroft in WWII era buildings only to have a local resident complain about dropping ground water levels caused by OBH? Ignorance is NOT bliss. Closed-loop geothermal systems have NO effect on ground water levels. Sad, but very true.

4) Top 20 "Founder" benefits (2018)

  1. Eco-Education: Energy Conservation, Sustainability, New Technologies
  2. Option to serve on the BCC Board of Directors, nominating board members
  3. Access (beta) to radical new technologies and website (February 2018)
  4. Connecting with business and sector leaders
  5. Submitting research topics for case study consideration
  6. Providing input to sustainable projects, benchmarking and unique metrics
  7. Access to eco-communications, BCC Profiles, Eco-Networking
  8. Logo on new website, link to your home page, text, marketing, eco-projects
  9. Networking with new prospects, customers, business partners, investors
  10. Consulting services, custom training for BCC eco-profile visibility
  11. Invitation to send periodic dedicated communications to BCC network
  12. Onsite Eco-Trainng (clients / staff) meeting your work schedules / locations
  13. Founders are unique to BCC, these offers NOT to be repeated
  14. First refusal to "For Profit" LLC 2Q18 Profit Sharing
  15. Future "shared services" for small business 
  16. State / National / International visibility for your products / services (2018-20)
  17. Opportunities to do "The Right Thing - Make a Difference"
  18. Double fees 2Q18 - Then "Closed Forever" to "Founders"
  19. Input / recommendations to the next "55 Awards" to be granted in 2018
  20. Staff hiring, well-being, retention, involvement ... 

5) Fauquier businesses, non-profits, schools, county

Sustainable / Conservation / (Renewable} Energy Technology.projects completed before "The Upcycle - Beyond Sustainability, Designing for Abundance" was published in 2013, taking the radical concepts of "More Good versus Less Bad" to higher levels of understanding, they incorporated many of the Top 80 worldwide solutions outlined in "Drawdown" printed in 2017

6) BCC "Founder" - Michael

  1. Born Barnehurst Kent England when dinosaurs roamed the earth
  2. Known BFF Paul since Erith Road Upper Belvedere / primary school age 5
  3. Dartford Grammar after Mick Jagger caused mayhem there
  4. 400 year "Old Boys" school where Uncles Bert, Tex, David and Vic hung out
  5. Believe it or not -  Same heavy wooden desks with carved initials
  6. 1.5 Advanced "A" Levels - 9 "O" Level National Exams University of London
  7. Fortran programmer at Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Engineering - Scotland
  8. Cobol compiler support at International Computers Ltd. - Reading, Berks.  
  9. Wrote "Core Sort Strack" autocode program avoiding magnetic tape sorts
  10. Rode horse in virgin snow 30 miles north of Toronto Canada - life changing
  11. Rebar placing engineering system - Analysis, client support, marketing, USA
  12. Program Manager - Florida Steel Corp, Tampa Florida
  13. Director - Paradyne Communications - Largo Florida
  14. Virtual Consultant - Local, State, National, International Governments KPMG
  15. International Program Management Office KPMG (4 continents)
  16. President of first HOA, Morganwoods Greentree Inc age 26 Tampa FL
  17. Research, Best Practices, Process and Metrics Trainer / Consultant AT&T
  18. Planted evergreen seedlings in Sequoia National Forest CA (now burning) 
  19. "Change Management Advocate" for public school system in Fauquier
  20. Energy Technologies 2007 - present
  21. Life-Time eco subject matter expert in knowledge-transfer management 
  22. Architect multiple websites including generic platforms for "app" replication
  23. Reduce electric utility annual costs in ANY building by 5-50% (same equip,)
  24. Joie de vie - Embracing "positive change" in each of us, 1 at a time
  25. 2500+ plus hours over 8 years as volunteer for FCPS on energy matters
  26. Dr. Mark Head (Athens Greece) introduced Michael to Stan Brock, RAM
  27. RAM - Remote Area Medical founded by "Crusty Brit" Stan in Tennessee
  28. Sailed Anser Cinereus (AC) from Florida to Cheasapeake (30' Seidlemann)
  29. Brought AC home to Trappe Maryland where originally built in 1978
  30. AC in Hurricane Bertha from Morehead City to New Bern NC - life changer