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Thursday March 26, 2020

Email to BOS - Board of Supervisors

Not sure from Fauquier NOW writeup of meeting a week ago today, as to exactly what FCPS are getting in increased Operating Budget County Funds for FY21 (should be zero for Taxpayers)?

If someone could clarify – would be very grateful. Just need a sentence or two.

Will talk to each of you after budget is passed as to continued tremendous annual $,$$$,$$$ waste in FCPS and the complete lack of Teacher Incentive to work within a “non-merit” based system.

The “FCPS same for everyone raises” belongs in the dark ages. Root cause of the best teachers moving to schools out of Fauquier.

HR Shared Services  / FCPS Executives are “out to lunch” on these important ongoing matters.

We (taxpayers) remain in “Awe of your presence” in these very difficult times. God Bless.

With warmest regards,

Michael Rainger

540 219 0445

Taxpayer - Scott District

Email - Permission given to be part of any public records, and forward to any interested individuals, including taxpayers in your Districts


FCPS1 through FCPS4 highlight VERY serious current issues for Fauquier Taxpayers, Parents, Students, Teachers, Staff, Transportation, SB, BOS, PTOs, etc. and Local Businesses.

This page is written from the heart of a father who moved to Fauquier in 1995 from Florida with 2 daughters (ES / MS public school transfers) and a son born in 1997 in Manassas.

We have lived in the same house in Broad Run (Scott District).

Many of you have met my (adorable) children over the years.


They went to Wakefield Private School in The Plains (Headmaster Peter Quinn lived next door), C. Hunter Ritchie ES, Marshall MS, Fauquier HS and Kettle Run HS.

One daughter graduated from Virginia Tech (2005) and youngest son graduated from Salisbury Uni in MD (2019)

Oldest son moved to Warrenton  (Walker Drive) after 11 years in the Air Force and "grand children" attend Brumfield ES, Taylor MS (FCPS bus issue to TMS) and Fauquier HS.

He runs a very successful online eco-recycling business.

As a father and close relative, counting each "child" as one unit, I have 36+ years dealing with FCPS over almost a 25-year period.

Do you feel my pain?

MORE Reasons (see FCPS1 to FCPS4) why FCPS FY21 Budgets should remain the same as FY20 (except renovations at CLMS) 

During every semester each student would "grade / rank" their teachers from poor to excellent, with their parents, NOT at school. Without fail there would always be at least one excellent teacher, and a very poor teacher.

For the latter, reasons would include:

  1. Counting the days to retirement - get me out of here
  2. Not passionate about subject matter
  3. Not able to relate to students 1-1
  4. Poor class disciplinarian  
  5. Not in preferred school - long commute
  6. Minimal financial incentive, high in pay grade
  7. Lacking skills, needing to refresh "attitude"
  8. NO consequences to poor performance
  9. Lack of merit review, mediochre acceptable
  10. ETC.


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