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Pupil Transportation #1 of 5 (2018 / 19 data for FY21)

BOS=Board of Supervisors SB=School Board

Pupil Transportation is the third largest expense in the FCPS Budget and next year (FY21) will exceed $10M if approved. The "Chain of Command" penalizes bus drivers while also adding to FCPS overhead expenses. Here are a few FCPS Transportation 'Issues" (there are at least 50 in total): **

  1. School Board Chair signs non-specific 180-day bus driver contracts? **
  2. Effective cost management is NOT a priority (wasted empty bus trips) **
  3. Bus drivers are NOT treated with the respect they deserve **
  4. Inefficient bus routes, student safety issues, broken rules **
  5. 10-minute bus rides = 6+-hour charges by drivers (Dispatch issues) **
  6. Process / Metric Internal Project urgently needed for Transparency **
  7. Minimal management accountability / punative driver (secret) metrics **
  8. Ineffective Management Structure (Director + 3, Dispatch, Routing etc.) **
  9. Student safety driver issues - bus "Incidents" every 2 of 3 days - FY19 **
  10. Lead Driver concept ineffective / unfair / geographically misaligned **
  11. Gender bias / internal discrimination / minimal (public) transparency **
  12. Union supports (executive) management (declining FEA enrollment) **
  13. Annual savings of $1M possible given an open attitude to change **
  14. NO consequences for angry parents when documented ** 

** 8 Level Chain of Command excluding HR: School Board Chair (1), Dave Jeck (2), Prashant Shrestha (3), David Graham (4), Cheryl Fisher - Director Transportation (5), Darlene Marshall (AM-6A), Chris Ryman (PM-6A), Alice Curtis (7), 6 Lead Drivers (8) Central: KRHS, AMS, Ritchie, Smith, Pearson Heather McG.l / Vernon T. - North: FHS, TMS, WMS, MMS, Coleman, Thompson, Bradley, Mellisa S. / Chanda T., - South: LHS, SE, CLMS, Grace, MIller, Pearce, Mary Walter, Brumfield Myra H. / Melanie C. Training Stephanie B. & Lead Drivers-1 male / 12 female  

** About 180 Buses serviced by (shared) County Vehicle Maintenance. Over 200 bus drivers with CDL Licenses report to ALL the above, depending on subject matter

FCPS HR Shared Services with Fauquier County #2 of 5

  1. Pay stub data does not reflect "banked" salary (32%)
  2. Gender bias / internal discrimination / inadequate public metrics
  3. Potential (Class Action) Lawsuits
  4. Unfairly supports Transportation Management / penalizes drivers
  5. Broken processes within Transportation permitted
  6. Lack of (transparent) metrics on student safety / driver habits
  7. Lack of involvement in student misbehavior on buses (Pearson)
  8. Lack of adequate grievance processes (bus driver advocacy)
  9. Vague 180-Day Contract (signed by FCPS SB chair-Sloane FY20+Admin) 
  10. HR difficult to navigate for bus drivers, ineffective communications

FCPS Capital Improvement (CIP) Process #3 of 5

The "super-sized" Middle School (800+) was based on inneffective, inaccurate data generated by the 2012 School Board redistricting approved by a 3-2 vote. Donna Grove - For with Duke Bland / Brian Gorg Against. Impacts (still) include:

  1. MS students bused past Warrenton to Taylor from Walker Drive
  2. MS students bused from Bealeton where they are in sight of CLMS
  3. Warrenton / Taylor MS populations overstated for over 8 years (600)
  4. Other schools have greater needs due to capacilty issues, such as CLMS
  5. Increased bus time for students at excessive cost to taxpayers
  6. Student safety on dark mornings / evenings caused by longer routes
  7. Deteriorating school building complexes due to overdue maintenance
  8. Inefficient bus routes, safety issues / student misbehavior not addressed

Recent Board agreement to upgrade Taylor / CLMS is a ray of overdue sunshine due to the 2 new school board members

WE ALL THANK YOU - Local Taxpayers and their WALLETS!

FCPS Budgets #4 of 5 - History / Energy Intro

Archaic non-transparent budget process - Static CIP process

In FY11, repeat FY11, FCPS School Board and some BOS members were (publicly) given a 10-year plan for ALL 20 FCPS schools to convert to 95% renewable energy. The cost was estimated at $30M in 2010 which would have saved Fauquier County nearly $3M in energy expenses with a positive ROI by FY20 (at 2010 utility rates which have increased). Dominion rates are now more than NOVEC - 15 / 5 schools respectively

The FCPS annual budgets have therefor contained $3M in (avoidable) energy expences (for almost 10 years). Local TAXPAYERS should be angry at the FCPS School Board (SB) for its lack of business sense outside of the classrooms - SB lacks true fiduciary responsibility in (some) non-academic departments

Donna G., Suzanne S., Duke B. were the block of 3 votes against ANY major internal FCPS financial changes over an 8-year period (through 12/31/19), except to ask for annual increases via manipulatation of the BOS with student staged "events" (TMS) and emails to  teachers from FCPS Executives

SB Members Brian Gorg / Don Mason backed positive FCPS changes

 In Virginia, the state government and local governing bodies almost completely control the school revenues. Decisions about how the funds are spent, however, largely rest with the school board (subject to federal, state, and local contraints)

= PARTNERSHIP NOW, NOT what WE have had since 2012

Virginia Statutes on www.fcps1.org under Budgets for FY21

IN OUR HUMBLE (Taxpayer) OPINION #5 of 5 - Politics

In 2008, when the nationwide financial crisis hit Fauquier, the BOS had to cut County / FCPS Budgets through no fault of their own.

Specific School Board Members immediately went into "attack" mode against their district BOS member - Reference meeting at Coleman  where Maureen R. (Scott District) verbally and personally berated Holder T. (public record)

In 2020, to a lessor extent, negative attitudes persist in at least 2 incumbent school board members. Third incumbent is finally seeing the light:

MAJOR negative impact on students, teachers, parents, taxpayers, BOS, over 12 YEARS


with key "Attitude" adjustments



Thank you for your time and consideration