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FCPS SB Ex-Member Sheryl Wolfe worked 1-1 reviewing ALL  proposed Building Renovations / Energy Conservation Projects and agreed in efforts on Money Saving FCPS Ideas (We miss you Sheryl)

FCPS SB Member Brian Gorg also enjoyed our positive debates on making FCPS a better place to go to public school (we already miss you Brian 2012 - 2019)

FCPS SB Member Don Mason supported our efforts by questioning positive change within FCPS environments and asking difficult questions of other School Board Members / FCPS Executives ("Thank you Don" 2016 - 2019)


Facilitated "paired meetings" between BOS / FCPS SB Members to try to get Boards to "Work better together and NOT apart" (2019)

Center District: Chris Granger / Brian Gorg (toured Taylor MS - Positive Conversations - Best example of "Working Together")

Lee District: Chris Butler / Don Mason (Hosted by Chris - Long frank discussions - Very Positive - Best example of "Reaching Out")

Scott District: Holder Trumbo / Suzanne Sloane (SB Member "Frosty" - NO real discussion, 1 hour only at Marshall MS)

Marshall: Mary Leigh McDaniel/Duke Bland Duke refused to meet, offer withdrawn

Cedar Run: Rick Gerhardt/Donna Grove Donna refused to meet,offer withdrawn 2019


300+ Fauquier volunteers "Thank YOU"

KEY DATES / EVENTS in our collective (Fauquier) past

1970: Airlie Farms hosts 1st Earth Day with Dr. Murdoch Head - Celebrating 50 year anniversary April 2020 (worked with son Mark in 2017-19)

1974: Fauquier HS 1 of only 4 schools in the nation with solar power installation (bank by gym) and research as an offshoot to Airlie 1st Earth Day activities (click FauquierSolar74 in navbar above on this site for original specifications) 

2004: Better Practices LLC completed VAR assignment with TenFold in Utah Salt Lake City. Started proprietary software (NDA) development -  SiteWhirks

2007: Initial meeting with Terry Nyhous, Dr. Lewis, Janice Bourne, Paul McCulla, Greg Livesay, Warren Darrell, Tom Boyer, Sheryl Wolfe, in BOS Conference Room (PowerPoint available on request highlighting how to save significant Energy $ FCG / FCPS - peaked at $4.2M / year in utility costs

2007: Better Practices LLC / SiteWhirks launches IntraGroups for Chambers of Commerce in Atlsnts GA with Virginia users in Richmond, Culpeper and Charlottesville www.IntraGroups.com 

2007: SiteWhirks launches http://www.BigTeams.com

2009: Article in Fauquier Times Democrat debating potential FCPS Energy Conservation savings (estimates were way too low)

2010: Work and FHS public presentation "thanked" by BOS Member Chester Stribling (FCPS 10 year plan to go 95% off grid)

2010: ThWars (Thermostat Wars) launched by Better Practices LLC / SiteWhirks Main Street Warrenton VA http://www.ThWars.com

2011: Solar installed at Fauquier Livestock Exchange generating excess power (NOVEC) next to Coleman ES and Marshall MS

2011: 3-year (calendar) accumulated Energy $ Savings for Fauquier County Government (FCG) total $220,617 and FCPS Energy Savings in FY11 exceed $400K down from $3.2M. Had been increasing each year since 2005

2013: Cover of Piedmont Business Journal featuring BOS Member Peter Schwartz endorsed with "Thank you for all that you do - Keep it up"

2013: Energized-Fauquier launched http://www.Energized-Fauquier.com

2014: FCPS S/SEAS Energy Expo at Fauquier HS highlighting ALL the ECO-FRIENDLY features in the new FHS wing with tours by Honor Roll Students. FCPS David Jeck / Brian Gorg present. 300 volunteers to date since 2007 - "Thank you"

2020  http://www.EnergySaver.Today  SiteWhirks release due latter March 2020


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