Changing Fauquier by FY23
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Fauquier Budget "Madness"


Updates before 31/03/2020

11 Fauquier Strategies to '22

CHANGE Cultures to "Working Together" BOS / SB **

FCPS to aggressively remove "WASTED $$,$$$,$$$" **

Innovation: Renewable Energy Technology - BOW **

Fauquier Residential: Tiny Home Development-BOW **

County-wide Internet: Home business / pupil study **

 Fauquier grads moving away / NEW incentives to stay

Common Coordinated PRIORITIES through 2023 **

Deal with external economic impacts (COVID 19)

Property Tax Rate Increases for NEW services etc.

More Taxpayer input - GET Involved **

Allow / Support "Fauquier-Based" Strategies **

Center column will be frequently updated before the end of March from YOUR input

Residents trust that local groups, publications, businesses, homeowners, taxpayers etc. will voice their (honest and frank) opinions by suggesting positive solutions for current decision-makers to act on sooner rather than later

Fauquier based "Communities" shown on this website (since 2014) have well-proven track records of supporting "smart" local decisions and deploying leading-edge technologies visible at the national and international levels

"Smart" local decisions / events include:

​Funding county-wide Internet

Expanding CLMS

Energy Conservation

New programs in schools

Upgrading TMS

Reducing FCPS overhead costs

Solar in FHS - 1974

Geothermal / solar in local businesses since 2002

Geothermal in FHS new eco-wing 2011 to 2013

Poplar Springs sustainability awards - 2012

Eco-Technologies in FHS - 2013

Vint Hill Craft Winery sustainability awards - 2013

FCPS S/SEAS Energy / Art Expo at FHS - 2014

Fauquier Business sustainability awards - 2014

UK / Delaware Hospice Best Practices - 2015/17

Tiny Homes Expo in Prince Wiilliam County - 2018

Living in a Vets Tiny Home Phoenix AZ - 2018

Rainwater catchment  / presentations - 2018/19

** FCPS Transportation Research in 2018/19 proved this is the best / most effective area  to remove FCPS waste estimated to be at least $1M per year, or more.

** Strategic Fauquier Priority #1 due to effect on Safety, Taxpayers, Teachers, Students, Parents, Staff, Principals, Annual Operating Budgets, Energy Costs, Pollution, Innovation, etc.




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Fauquier March "Madness"


Updates before 1/31/2020