Brookside Eco-Islands / Infrastructure
Brookside, largest development in Fauquier, has an eco-friendly infrastructure physically linked to Vint Hill.

Brookside Eco-Islands / Infrastructure


- Link for photos of Brookside  wetlands, natures class room, Auburn MS, etc. July 2013. Photo gallery above shows the amazing thought and care that went into the Brookside infrastructure for residents that increases long term house values and speed of sales!

Vint Hill EDA $14M real estate transfer article-Fauquier NOW May 29, 2014:

...Brookside Vint Hill...

What does the future hold?

Based on Vint Hill EDA past projections, where Brookside Communities are today, and a fascinating opportunity to "Get it right" - the future could be very bright indeed for residents, neighbors, innovation, technology, infrastructure ...




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