Brighter Communities Corp. 501c(3)
We deliver unique sustainable eco-energy processes, metrics, and services to communities including Educational Facilities, Local Government, Commercial, Workforce Housing, Multi-Family and Residential Building Complexes

Brighter Communities Corp. 501c(3)

  1. Eco-education expands local Brighter Communities for the benefit of ALL residents, visitors and guests
  2. Simple solutions save 5-8% of annual utility expenses
  3. Reduced energy usage with increased comfort levels for building occupants (Minimal to NO equipment changes)

For 20 years we adapted lessons learned internationally* at KPMG Peat Marwick into local schools, government, EDAs, workforce housing, business and residential environments, leading to Brighter Communities Corp., a Virginia Non-Profit, in 2015 

* North and South America, Africa, and Europe

What is a Brighter Community?

A) Brighter: Encompasses "intelligent" use of resources, human and finite, for a sustainable global future

B) Community: Individuals sharing a common link – type of business or non profit, employment, geography, networks, technology, mind-set, products, or services ...

“Enlightened groups and individuals working together” capture the essence and concepts of Brighter Communities and their documented “Islands of Light” 

Brighter Communities: Management reviews, research, benchmarking, better / best practices, quantitative analysis, metrics and case studies resulted in Brighter Communities Corporation in January 2015

Examples of where we were 2004 - 2013 such as our 300+ community volunteers supporting local eco-entities / events / energy conservation, renewable technologies at a local high school 

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