Saving Energy - Fauquier Benchmarks
Saving YOUR expenses (up to 55% of annual cost, even overnight)

Saturday February 1 '20 Board Meeting@1

Terms / Conditions: Reduce (Existing) Building kWh (< 120 days)

1) Increase knowledge of building power consumption

2) Enable timely reduction of electricity

3) Provide feedback on RESULTS

4) Embrace new habits


** Group Registration

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Contact phone number(s) - cell / office

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Mailing address of Group (PC)

Tax ID for 501c (3) donation receipt

Donation of $10 / member (amount total)

Payment method (credit card to Capital One account)) or mail check to:

Brighter Communities Corporation 501c (3)

5879 Hunton Wood Drive (open PO Box in late January)

Broad Run VA 20137

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** Individual Registration:

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Last name

Cell Phone used for text / building image

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"Orientation" Individual Registration / building:

$120 for 120 days OR $100 for 60 days